About Us
At the year of 2003, KHE (KEEP HOME EXCELLENCE) had become the world first company that has developed double-tube tap. Today, our products has sold to most country from ASIA, and our product has reached to 11 kinds of products

KHE The main design fashionable and create high-quality sanitary ware products. As the world first R & D single-cold double-tube production company in Malaysia, the production technologies adopted by the Company are all the most advanced assembly line production technologies in the world.
KHE The average annual development of more than 50 new products, the development of leading products, stainless steel pots, toilets, accessories, glass box mirror, towel rack sanitary ware supplies. Total development costs more than 200,000 ringgit or more.

KHE has always played the role of a leader, constantly injecting new concepts for the industry. Brave or not, not stop, keep climbing new peak is KHE constant pursuit.
KHE Improve the sales network in Malaysia, through more than 1,000 sales outlets in Malaysia, to provide parts and after-sales service, promised to ensure that the product accessories meet, so that customers feel the one-stop quality services.

KHE Create to go excellence, lies in the perfect tireless efforts, play first-class unique products. A worthy of your trust in bathroom research and development company, we look forward to the participation of domestic and foreign merchants and work together to create a brilliant bathroom history of tomorrow.
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